Looking for the perfect blond bob?

Hey guys! It’s time for some hair talk again. Like I said on my previous post, I think that wigs are a great option for when you want to try new hairstyles and hair colors. In my case, I always wanted to try the grey hair with black roots style and know if I would look good. I always like that style and well after spending so many years and also money fixing how dry and frizzy my hair was I didn’t want to screw it by trying something that might have not looked good. When I got  ...

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Hey guys! How are you? Hope you are doing ok, and really enjoyed my post about my trip to Cusco. So I want to know if some of you are going to be bridesmaids on some friends/family member wedding? I think, yeah, I think, because with my cousin you never really know… I was supposed to be one of her bridesmaids but sadly I won’t be making it to México next month and I’m very very sad. Because honestly my cousin is like my sister. Even if I can’t attend my cosuins  ...

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Cusco 2.0

Hey babes! How’s it going? I’m literally so excited to write this post for you. I just recently came back from a 5 day trip to the beautiful and stunning city of Cusco. In all honesty this trip was initially a way for me to not lost flying miles that were going to expire last year. And also my initial idea of this trip was a kind of friends/party one. Well… with no friends and no parties and a sister this trip ended up being awesome. My sister ended up being my travel  ...

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sexy evening gowns

Hey guys! Have you ever wonder where you can get awesome and also sexy evening gowns for any occasion you might need? You never know when you’ll get to attend a new wedding, or a cocktail party or any other special occasion where you might need an evening gown. Fear not because the friends at suzhoudress store they offer you a huge variety of options with the best prices so you can look super sexy at the party and are the soul of the party. The prices are good so you can actually get  ...

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