BaliBody’s BB Cream

Hey babes! It’s definitively been a while since I last consistantly posted on the blog. It’s been some hard last few months. I will definitively talk about it in another post but this time I actually wanted to tell you about a brand and a product I’m really a lot into lately.  The brand is called Bali Body and they are from Australia. I find out about them thanks to a peruvian influencer that got one of their tanning bundles. They look so good that I started following them  ...

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Engagement rings?

Hey babes! How are you? I’m doing fine. I have the task of kind of planning my cousins bachelorette party. Even tho I know that I know that the day I get proposed to, I’ll get what’s on my “boyfriend’s” budget, that doesn’t stop me from wanting or liking some specific kind of ring. Of course your significant other can always actually give you want you want, but you should never put pressure on him/her. Anyways, since I was planning my cousin’s  ...

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My new fitness journey: week 1

Hi guys! How are you? I’m doing good fine trying to rest the sore muscles and myself. I’ve re-joined a gym, that I previously join to help me lose weight, because even if I might accept my curves and body, it wasn’t good for my health and something needed to be done.  Gotta be honest I still want to look skinnier so things will fit better. Finding clothes for plus size girls or “in betweeners” in this country has always been very hard. And sometimes online  ...

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CK undies on sale

Hey babes! This will be a very quick post but I wanted to share with you some CK Underwear, specially underwear on sale that I just found on Shopbop. Shop away and don’t let these good find go away. My underwear drawer is full of CK undies just because I’ve never let those good finds go… and at awesome prices.  

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