this girl’s best friends

Hey darlings,

This time I wanted to show you my “best friends” or kind of my every fashionista essentials (mine actually).
I use this babies every time, they are my favorite, and like I said, my best friends. I don’t use the shoes as much, because since I have to walt to work and Lima’s streets are such a disaster, I rather use a bit more confortable shoes to walk and also to avoid breaking them or falling down. If you have ever been in Lima, you’ll understand.

During this winter, I actually use less my zeroUV’s #8814, that are a steal version of the Celine Audrey’s. Until I can own my very own pair of Celines, this are my all time favorites.

All of the other items over the picture are my makeup essentials and like I said I pretty much use them on a daily basis.


I use two, and basically, to kind of play with highlighting and countouring. I purchased the Dior foundation on Strawberrynet because it was on sale, and didn’t really thought it was going to be a bit too dark for me, but now, I found it a good use, while highlighting and countouring. The Chanel one is really new, my doctor said I needed to stop using drugstore make up, specially foundation, so after asking if Chanel was ok, I inverted a bit of money on this one. I love it because it is very lightweighted and feels very natural in my face. I can see how it hide imperfections but still looks like I have no make up on.

Christian Dior – Diorskin Nude Skin Glowing Makeup – Dark Beige 050
Chanel – Vitalumière Aqua Ultra Light Skin Perfectipng Makeup – 10 Beige


For my entire life, I used Maybelline Mascaras, until one day I decided to try, after reading a few beauty blogs, one of Yves Saint Laurent Mascaras. I wanted to go for the Babydoll, but the guy on the counter told me to better try the Shocking one. Not regreting it! With no much effort, my eyelashes look as if I have fake ones. They get very notorious, very Shocking!

Yves Saint Laurent – Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils – Shocking 01


I use the Chanel one for color and the Dior one for a hint of gloss and maximazing. I recommend both of them.

Chanel – Coco Rouge Shine – 467 Pygmalion
Christian Dior – Dior Addict Lip Maximazer Collagen Activ – 001


I definitively love my Prada Candy Parfume on the floral version. It has an amazing package, an amazing smell and all my friends love it, and I definitively do, it’s a must.

Prada – Candy Florale 


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    1. When I purchases it, I bought 2 of them and I have actually started the second one. I love it too, and I guess I'm using it a lot less to make it last a bit longer lol !!

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