cuz I’m happy

Hi babes…

Yes, I’m happy.. and that outfit shows it. I’m wearing this today, because I’m happy that there’s gonna be more areas at the new office starting today, and that beloved comercial fashion area is going to stay with us for a week. Guess I’ll tweet how that goes during the week so dont forget to follow me on twitter, instagram or facebook, to keep updated about my daily life, thoughts and whatever else I might post.

Last friday I had a party, the 2nd anniversary party of my office and I promise you guys that once I get my dress clean, I’m gonna shoot a post about my “partying” outfit, but as for now, I wanna share this picture of the party’s after party. My makeup was beautifuly done by Chanel and I loooooved it.

Anyways, it’s time to talk about the outfit now:

I’m wearing my Fashion Union Boyfriend Jeans via Asos, my bag, blazer and red blouse are from Zara, the shoes were purchased in the Miraflores district a whooole lot years ago and the sunglasses are the #8814  from zeroUV. Sadly most of the things I’m wearing are out of stock, but in the end of the post you can find a few diferent options from other brands and stores.

Let me know what you think of this outfit and don’t forget to hype the look on lookbook at the end of the post 😉







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