Hey babes!
How are you? Are you enjoying this long weekend?
I’ve been watching Bones and enjoying my bed and some food.
There’s good news, I managed to get a new position at the office, now I’ll be learning a lot, because it’s a change and something I didn’t study for. I’m glad they trust me.
I can only say that hard work pays off and good things come for those who wait.
Anyways, I hadn’t had the chance before to use my skinny white jeans with lace details, so I finally had the chance because I felt comfortable enough with it and paired it with my Zara denim shirt. It was hot so I left a few buttons open, sorry about that. My new zeroUV were a must as well as those high heels, they are very comfy by the way.
Would you like to see some food posts/videos over here, or also videos about anything?
Let me know in the comments, not sure yet in which language I should make them, spanish would be the easiest, but most of you don’t speak spanish and I don’t know how comfy I would feel taping in english or german, because I still make mistakes and I tend to speak very fast sometimes. Anyways just let me know what you think.












zara shirt – lookbookstore skinny jeans – asos heels – zerouv sunglasses



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