bye 2016, hello 2017

Hey lovelies!

2016 is finally over and I can’t be more happy about it to be honest.

For me 2016 was a terrible year with only a few good things.

But before saying good bye to all these year I just wanna say thanks! I’m deeply thankful for all of your support during this year, I feel blessed! Thanks so much!



leaving the bad behind


What can I say? My 2016 basically began in the ER with appendicitis.

I got a job that is a pain in the ass and only gives me headaches, backaches and my salary only decreases.  (I’m always looking for new opportunities, don’t worry). This job mades me feel like what I studied is worth nothing, frustrates me, etc.

I got a period of time with only debts and no job.

Dad got a brain infarct and scared us.


the good things


meeting A.❤… he’s just made my year bearable and always put a smile on my face, I can’t wait for may to see you.

Booking a family trip to Europe… I just simply can’t wait for these holidays!

Having all my cousins around for the holidays… it’s probably been 10 years more or less, that my whole family has been together these holidays. My cousins live in Mexico, Guatemala, USA and I see them once a year or once every 2+ years. Below you’ll find a few pictures of all of us together.

A few blog collaborations… it just shows that hard work pays off.

I’ve learned a lot out of the bad things and the good ones made me feel so grateful of my family!

I hope that, despite the bad or good year you have, you learn from the bad things and treasure the good ones.

Wish you guys all the best during 2017.

Happy New Year!




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