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Hey lovelies!

I’m back from my month long european trip and I wanted to share with you a few of my tips and tricks for traveling in general and also specially around Europe.

I took a cruise departing from Barcelona that ended in Rome and I must admit it was awesome! And the rest of the trip was too. I visited 18 cities in total. Please stay tuned to the blog because I’ll be posting about all the cities and about the cruise soon. Also subscribe to my youtube channel because videos will be up too! #travelingwithcocoandlouis.

Anyways after this month of traveling I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks that I’ve learned.

Plug adapters


Depending on where you live you might use different types of plugs, some countries are quite friendly some others not so much, and you’ll end up realizing you won’t be able to charge your phone/laptop or whatever else that needs charging or connecting. I got my adapter in Germany, the first time I went to Europe, and helped me a lot during the trip. I sticked with my thru this trip and helped a lot, but made me realized sometimes one isn’t enough. Get 1-2. You can get them on little market stores, tech stores, department stores and sometimes at the airport and/or train stations. I wouldn’t have know what to do without mine!

On the go chargers/extra batteries


As well as having your plug adapters, is always a good idea to have on the go chargers or power banks and extra batteries if needed. I know you can’t charge a camera with a power bank, but you can have extra batteries if your batteries die. When it comes to your cellphone/tablet, well, our constant look on social media, taking pictures, changing the luminosity because of the sun, etc, will eat your battery away, and you’ll probably end up with no battery when you most need it. Always carry a power bank and save yourself from that terrible moment. I got mine at the e-commerce where I used to work to go to Bogotá (2015) and it still works perfectly and was quite helpful during the trip.



Carry ons


Either you pack everything there or you use it for important stuff, but carry on is a must. Handling big luggages around all european train stations is very annoying and bad for your health. Most of the times, trains don’t have enough space for big luggage. Either you travel very uncomfortable or you make other travelers uncomfortable. Besides, carrying 20kg+ luggages on the train stations stairs? I die, I died and said… not anymore. Why doesn’t all train stations have elevators? I mean and people with wheelchairs? Note to self: learn to pack even lighter.

Breakfast is key


Not everything is tech related here tho. During this trip we learned that if you want to save, a big and good breakfast is key.  It will make you feel full most of the day to only eat a late lunch/early dinner. Depending on who you are traveling with and who’s paying, you will have to add it x2, x3 or x4 and for example while doing that, my dad saved around 50€ per day. Of course, on the cruise, it was another deal, but still, if we ate something while in the cities, it was a beer, a cola, water, ice cream or 1€ chips.  Also try and found those restaurants with menus (10€ or so for and entry, second course and dessert). Also the days we had to have lighter breakfasts, because of having to leave super early, we were all super hungry and my dad had to pay for lunch and dinner for the four of us. Try to stay at hotels with delicious breakfast buffets included. Expo Hotel in Barcelona has them.

In advance


Avoid huge lines at a lot of attractions getting your tickets in advance. If there’s the possibility buy them online and avoid all the stress. If needed take a guided tour, but always get it in advance. Be at the time you are requested to and everything will go smoothly for you and for everyone.

Google Maps/Prepaid cellphone chip


If you are not one of the lucky people whose contracts allow them to use their phone while in other countries at awesome rates (roaming) and if you are not willing to pay over $100 on your next bill… I’ll recommend you to get a prepaid chip for your phone. It will give you calls and internet and if you used them all, you can always pay for more. At the end of my trip I got a Lycamobile only internet chip but before traveling I found a very good option to use my phone around all my destinations from Orange Spain.  All of this, takes me to the Google Maps part of this. Printed maps are always useful, but unless you are not good at them, you’ll end up getting lost, like we did several times in different cities. Good thing about Google maps is that you can still use it with no wifi or internet signal. The times we used GM, everything went smoothly and my feet were happy.

Airplane Pillow


This might sound not important but I consider my airplane pillow a must! Either for long or short flights or train rides, unless you are flying in first class, you’ll be terribly uncomfortable. I don’t know what would I have done on the 13 hours flights without it.

Travel size everything


This time around I manage to pack lighter in terms of clothing, but still sinned when it came to beauty products. I packed a lot  of beauty products and creams and stuff I didn’t ended up using and they meant a looooot of weight in my luggage. Hopefully none of us had problems with the weight specially flying low cost and using out backpacks but I regret take so much that I didn’t use. Next time I’ll be getting a lot of travel size items as well as using all the packages of previous shampoo/shower gels I collected from the hotels. Pack smart girls!



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