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What about tunic dresses?

Hey lovelies! Weekend is here already, basically and also I think weather is finally changing in Lima… It’s gettin warmer slowly. I’m definitively in the mood of wearing some dresses and summerish clothes already, for example some tunic dresses!

Does it happen to you that you get inspired by Instagram and all those summerish outfits everyone is wearing… but you are in the opposite side of the world and freezing your body out? This happens to me a lot… specially lately!

I’ve been feeling like wearing dresses and nice summer/spring outifts. But just ended up figuring out how many layer I would end up wearing to not feel as cold. We might not get minus degrees in Lima, nor snow, but guys, humidity in this city is in another level. It can get so fucking cold and humid that your feet feel like you just totally soak them, no matter how many layes of socks you might have on.

Anyways, going back to the tunic dresses I was talking about at the beginning, I went on ROSEGAL and look for some beautiful ones to add on my wishlist and of course to share with you so you can get them too. For more of them don’t forget to check them out.

Now it’s time to show you my favorite ones, please let mw know what you think about them in the comments and which one is your favorite!

Pompon See-Through Crochet Tunic Beach Cover Up 

This cover up is perfect for a day at the beach, I’m dying to go back, you guys have no idea. I’m also wanting to lose some weight and go back to the healthy/fitness life for the upcoming summer.


Ruffled Seam Knitting Mini Dress

I love this little ruffled mini dress, love the perfect pink color and the size. Perfect to just hang out with friends.


Scoop Collar Sleeveless See-Through Crochet Tunic

I feel this one’s perfect for a summer date. Love the little lace/crochet detail and the see-through style.


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