Engagement rings?

Hey babes! How are you? I’m doing fine. I have the task of kind of planning my cousins bachelorette party. Even tho I know that I know that the day I get proposed to, I’ll get what’s on my “boyfriend’s” budget, that doesn’t stop me from wanting or liking some specific kind of ring. Of course your significant other can always actually give you want you want, but you should never put pressure on him/her.

Anyways, since I was planning my cousin’s bachelorette, I started thinking about engagement rings and how cute are some of them. I’ve found a nice website with some amazing engagement rings. 

The website I’m talking about is BBBGem, a jewelry company that specializes in custom jewelry, engagement and wedding rings and other kinds of rings for over 15 years.

There is a beautiful Morganite wedding set, morganite is a beautiful gemstone and its color ranges goes from soft pink to violet pink. They have some beautiful types of rings and some of them come from matching bands. Here are some of my favorite ones. 

There’s also some beautiful Moissanite wedding sets. Moissanite is a nice alternative to diamonds, and they have very beautiful ones. Here are also my favorites. 

And of course, there’s also a emerald wedding set. Such beautiful emerald pieces that you’re going to love. Here are my favorites:

All of these engagement rings are beautiful and so lovely, which one are actually your favorites? Do you have some kind of specific type of rings you love?

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