Hey lovelies! How are you?ย  This time I wanted to share my review of the product I’ve got to review from Word Makeup.ย 

I’ve got to choose some products and I decided I wanted the hair related one… an awesome dupe of the Simply Straight styling brush. For me, getting a product like this was an easy decision because my hair is very complicated and I need tools to make styling it way easier.ย 

The product arrived in a few weeks… around 3 maybe… and I had to wait a bit more to get it delivered to my door. I will never stop complaining HOW SLOW peruvian postal service is.ย 

When it comes to Wordmakeup, they offer a huge variety of cheap makeup online, awesome brands and I’m pretty sure that with great quality. At this moment I can’t specifically talk about the makeup because I didn’t received the one I order, but it will be sent to me soon, but I can totally talk about the hair beauty product I ordered and received.ย 

Even if I didn’t received the makeup that I ordered I’m very happy with the one I got and I totally recommend the website, because of the great costumer service and also the relatively fast shipping,ย 

When it comes to reviewing the product specifically, it is great. It helps me get my hair done way quicker than with a flat iron… feels way easier to do it too since its a brush. At the end of the post there’s a video where you’ll see the hair transformation… so if you don’t see that my hair is super straight, its because my natural hair is curly and complicated… so the results I’ve gotten with it get me totally satisfied.ย 

So, I’m satisfied with both the product, which is a excellent dupe of the real Simply Straight, but also with the site and their products and service. Totally recommended.ย 

If you want to get this brush, you can do it here.ย