Hey lovelies! How are you? I’m having breakfast and then I’ll get ready to go to the gym and work out and possibly have my poor body killed in the process… but you know I want to look good, feel good and be good… inside and out.

I recently discovered this awesome website that sells bags called Baginning. They offer the best lady bags shopping experience and also offer the latest trends on bags the world has lately. Btw they offer free worldwide shipping and also free returns with a dedicated customer service.

Whats your favorite type of bags guys? I mean for example I’ve two favorite bags… not that I have plenty of bags but these two have ended up being the two I use the most.

One of them is my fake light pink Gucci bag, that lately is my to go to… when I go to places like dates, dinners, whatever. It fits everything I need and doesn’t feel heavy.

And then, there’s my OG Michael Kors big tote, I got it back in 2015 when I went to Colombia, so I could carry my laptop and fashion magazines there! I mean very fashionista of me… it has became my “elegant” option… and the option when I need to carry something more than what I carry on my fake Gucci.

So, I kinda like totes a lot when it comes to carrying a lot of things, and being in Peru is important to keep your items safe. So a Tote Bag With Zipper is the best option. So I’ll be showing you my favorite ones from Baginning.

First I love this Black Double Handle Large Tote Bag for Work. Which like its name says, is going to make you look very businessy and elegant and work while probably fitting everything you need to deal with business.


Then I’m in love with this Grey Bow Faux Leather Tote Bag Cute Handbags for Women that will remind you of a Gucci bag and will give you a sophisticated look.


Then there is this simple but effective Women’s Black Stripe Large Tote Bag where you’ll probably be able to fit everything you need and more.