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abril 17, 2019


Looking for the perfect blond bob?

Hey guys! It’s time for some hair talk again. Like I said on my previous post, I think that wigs are a great option for when you want to try new hairstyles and hair colors. In my case, I always wanted to try the grey hair with black roots style and know if I would look good. I always like that style and well after spending so many years and also money fixing how dry and frizzy my hair was I didn’t want to screw it by trying something that might have not looked good. When I got  ...

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Hey guys! How are you? Hope you are doing ok, and really enjoyed my post about my trip to Cusco. So I want to know if some of you are going to be bridesmaids on some friends/family member wedding? I think, yeah, I think, because with my cousin you never really know… I was supposed to be  ...

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