Each and every year every young woman and not only goes though either the prom season or the wedding event of her life. And the main attraction lately was wearing a Lolita wedding dress, as it is rather solemn and gorgeous to make a bold statement for such an exquisite lifetime event. Moreover, the tendency is to use such dresses for prom events, too, as Lolita girls seek to have a unique appearance at such important times of their lives.

Of course, our main recommendation for both Lolita wedding dress and Lolita prom dress is the exciting Hanayome Lolita dress. The Hanayome Lolita is usually classified depending on three main colours: pure white, flower colour and heterogeneous colour. The charm of these designs is derived from the mesmerizing Lolita colours dressesand the combination of patterns and laces. 

Moreover, with the aid of a Lolita wedding dress the bride can even set up several wedding sceneries, including a tea party or a prom-like event, making this outfit the best choice. Great for prom, too, the Hanayome Lolitais the go-to idea if you are looking for a versatile, unique and personalized outfit. 

The Pure White Hanayome Lolita Wedding Dress

The pure white Hanayome Lolita is the more classical one, as it features a retro flair you won’t find in any dress design nowadays. Embellished with a maze of vintage laces, this type of Lolita dress is great for those that seek a more authentic wedding dress. 

The Pure White Retro Trumpet Sleeve Classic Lolita Wedding dress is our main recommendation for the best pure white Hanayome Lolita dress. Made out of soft jacquard cotton, this dress is pleasant to wear. Its retro flair is supported by the classical trumpet-like sleeves, which we can safely say they look rather impressive. Because this dress features a wave of laces on the front, the simple white back offers somehow an element of surprise. If you admire this dress from behind, you can mistakenly assume it is somehow not so fancy. Yet, when the wearer turns the effect is breath-taking.

The Elegant Pure White Classic Lolita Sling Wedding Dress represents another example of how exciting Hanayome Lolita style can be.  It is a bit more modern than the previous dress, yet it preserves the authentic Lolita flair. Also, the extra red ribbons gracefully spread all over the garment make this the perfect Lolita dress for prom or wedding. 

The Flower Coloured Lolita wedding dress

To step up a bit from the classical design, you can always opt for a Flower Coloured Lolita wedding dress, that can be easily fitted for a prom night, too. This Hanayome Lolita style stands out due to the multitude of small details such as the long, flower-like skirt, the flared sleeves and the delicate bows that are usually positioned all along the dress.

For a similar outfit, we recommend you try the Gorgeous Bowknot Red Trailing Wedding and Prom Lolita Dress. Designed with a combination of fabrics such as lace and satin, this dress stands out due to its majestic appearance. Somehow, it remembers us of the Victorian era in which, long, satin dresses were preferred in the ballroom. This Lolita style is characterised by the trailing skirt, round collar and the impressive trumpet sleeves. The overall appearance is completed by distinct lace types inserted on the chest to complement the bows in the design.

The heterogeneous colour Lolita Wedding Dress

Do you recall the authentic Gothic Lolita dress? Well, the heterogenous colour Lolita wedding dress is in one way a combination of the gothic, classic and sweet Lolita. All these distinct styles were gathered together and established the Hanayome Lolita in heterogenous colours. It is more elegant than its counterparts and it only preserved the classic traits of the Lolita style in a subtle manner. 

If you are interested in such design, we recommend you consider buying the Gothic Concise Grey Off Shoulder Fish Tail Lolita wedding dressThis dress is astonishing due to the fish tail, which consists of a maze of soft laces, making it perfect for official events such as the prom or wedding. In addition, it is off shoulder and designed with beautiful petal sleeves, giving a rather elegant flair. We can say it is the perfect option for those that look for something unique to wear, that is inspired by the authentic Lolita style.

What to avoid when choosing a Lolita wedding or prom dress

The temptation when choosing a Lolita wedding dress or a prom one is to over do it. And this happens because of the desire of creating a rather unique outfit that will underline your creativity and personality traits. Our suggestion is to keep the styling clear and stick to a specific Lolita design, such as the Hanayome Lolita

So, if you are wondering what to avoid when wearing a Lolita wedding/prom dress, here is what you should be attentive to:

  • Prints inspired by childhood toys, candy or baby animals, as these are rather casual and don`t quite match the wedding environment. This is the main reason why the Hanayome Lolita is the best for weddings: it comes with simple designs or prints that are both delicate and intriguing;
  • Bubble-toed basic Lolita shoes, as those don`t quite match the overall wedding outfit.
  • Purses that resemble odd objects, such as stuffed animals.

Instead, you can opt for pastel sneakers or even Oxford shoes for a more elegant outcome. And as you might guess, you can add as much lace, glitter, faux flowers or bows to your dress. the distinct types of Hanayome Lolita allow you to get the perfect dress for the occasion, as they can either feature more lace details or as few as you wish. You can be the prom queen with the aid of Hanayome Lolita prom dress or you can have the best time of your lifetime with a Hanayome Lolita Dress. The great thing about this style is that you can set-up a thematic party for your wedding, depending on your preferences. Distinct styles of Lolita wedding dresses can lead to different wedding scenes that will make the event mesmerizing.