Hi, this is going to be a super short post.

As you can see, I changed the layout of the blog and wanted to let you know that during that process, I deleted EVERYTHING. Every post since 2012. Thanks god I had a August 2020 backup and could save 95% of my work. Lets be honest, during 2021 I didn’t post that much so, it was an easy choice for me to save almost all of my work and lose a tiny bit of it. In that matter, I’m sorry to brands that have worked with me and I’ve lost the posts I wrote for them during the last part of 2020 and this 2021. I’m really really sorry. I promise to be more careful when it comes to making important changes in my website/blog.

Also I’m hoping to finally post my new travel post to Arequipa soon (a draft I also lost) with tons of amazing pictures and recommendations on where to stay and what to eat.

Love you all,