Hey lovelies! Omg, this is my first post after losing the posts from last and this year. And I’m coming back with a new outfit post. Honestly I’m so happy to be blogging again. This time I want to showcase these lovely PU high waisted trousers from Femmeluxe and a cute top also from that sadly didn’t fit me, but I’m still showing you.

I paired my new trousers with a cute white sleeveless top from Rosegal and a little grey coat from Zaful. The trousers ended up being very comfy, which I initially was afraid they were not going to be. I think they’re also perfect to be paired with a sexier top for a night out to the clubs or a nice date with your significant other. I ended up finishing my outfit with my new chunky sneakers, you can always add heels, but I’ve became such a sneakers girl during this pandemic. And to top it, I accessorized it my fave golden aviators, the Quay Australia High Keys.

I was initially going to pair the trousers with this white puff long sleeve zip up top from them too, but like I said before… it didn’t fit me. So… let’s just call it, big boob problems. This is a problem I have very often and probably one of the reasons I really really would love to get a breast reduction. I’m sick of not being able to wear cute tops because of my two lovely friends.

The top was really really cute and I was really sad that I wasn’t going to be able to wear it just because of that. The sleeves did fit me quite good, which is something that also never happens when I get new clothes. If something fits right in one place it doesn’t fit in others or if it fits, it gets so tight that its very uncomfortable.

I’m completely amazed by the lovely white dresses they do have. Even tho this is not a post or outfit about them, I’m eyeing a few that I want and I can’t wait to get some and show them to you. They’re always a must for a night out. I’m honestly waiting for the times we can party like the old times here and be able to wear one again.

Yes, guys, even tho, I’m more of a stay at home, watch movies, order food girl, I still love to party and have fun and I’ve been really missing the good times with friends. The party nights were amazing. And for those I would also love to start wearing any black dresses I can come across that can make me look good. Because of course, we all look great in black right? It really helps hiding some body imperfections more than white ever will. Don’t you think? I’ve found myself constantly wearing a lot of black lately, and I’m probably not going to change that anytime soon. Of course I wear more colors, but black is like my to-go outfit color.

You guys, I also can’t believe how much the weather has changed here in a matter of days, last few days have been cold and once spring officially started… my lord, its all hot, sunny and warm… to the point I thought I was gonna faint while waiting for my vaccine in the car. I honestly can’t wait for summer and be able to go to the beach again and wear denim shorts again.

Hope you have a great new week guys! Enjoy the pics, even tho, I know they were not my best, I was honestly sweating, because yes, weather has really changed so much, the grey looking sky and cold moments are slowly saying good bye to us.

PS. I just realized this new theme I got for the blog, literally cuts my pictures to fit them in their specific size and cuts all the important parts, like the actual trousers and my face/head in some pictures. I will be uploading the pictures on my Instagram for you to check it with more detail over the next few days/weeks. In the meanwhile, I’ll try to fix this picture problem.

Femmeluxe* PU trousers, Rosegal Top, Quay Australia Sunglasses, Zaful Coat, Otium sneakers