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On Tuesday, Peru played against Argentina for the 2014 Qualifiers and I went to the Stadium, my gradpa decided to give me his ticket so I could go to this amazing game. I actually predicted the result 5 days before the game lol. I had my nails color red to match, well the ocassion, because I was dressed all in black, my fave color so I won’t look that fat 😀 I used my Catrice 550 Marilyn & Me nail polish I bought in Hamburg. I love it. Love the color and the slightly glitter it  ...

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Le River Island Leopard Print Headband

Its been a while since I’ve actually post something about hair accessories, well, today will be a 2 post day. I bough this headband on ASOS, and somehow, without really not noticing it, I ended up buying two of them. Every time I use it, I feel like I’m one of those girls from probably the 70s. I love it, even tho I don’t use it much, cuz I always ended up using more bows than headbands or basicaly nothing on it.  

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Quiero llevar el pelo suelto

By now, I’m sure you know how much I LOVE hair accesories, bows, headbands, etc. But to be able to use them all, one must have nice hair, lets be honest, some of the hair accessories look terrible in some types of hair. When I was little my hair used to be straight and perfect (according to my standards at this time of my life) Look at my hair when I was little:   I was between probably 3 and 6 years old in each picture. I don’t know what happened then, but growing up, made  ...

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Brownies at work

Even tho I’m on a diet, I love cooking and backing, and I couldn’t resist the temptation of helping bake this brownie. I even had some nice ideas like adding lentejitas on it and on top of it. Check out Village Bakery Here are some pics of the process and the final result. looks delicious right?

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