ASOS Lace Bow Barette

This bow was also one of the first hair accessories I bought when I really started my lovely Internet shopping spree. It was kind of love at first sight, it was so perfect and according to me, combines with everything… it just gives that girly touch that I love It’s a 100% polyester lace bow barrette. It could be found on ASOS, but since they’re out of stock…. you can’t get them 🙁 Este lazito fue también uno de los primeros accesorios que compre cuando comencé  ...

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Molletta Jill & Molletta Martina by Camomilla Milan

While I was in walking around Milan, if I should buy something or not, I got into a store called Camomilla, I got in, and till the moment I saw all the hair accessories, I decided I wasn’t going to leave that store without buying something, even tough they weren’t cheap. After all, I was in Milan. I bought the two bows from up there but in different colours. They are made of chiffon, and I love them so much.  They are another must for me. You can get them HERE and HERE. ______  ...

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The Drapey Floral Bow Headband by BleuDame

I just love it. This is one of my favorite, really favorite headbands, I use it a lot, and I even traveled to Europe with it and used it a lot there. It is a 1/4″ wide, chiffon, floral bow headband that comes in 4 different colours: Navy Pink Purple Red I’ve go the pink one, and here are examples or how I’ve been using it. The sunglasses in the picture are also from BleuDame 🙂 and they were both, one of the first things I bought over the Internet. _________ Esta es una de  ...

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The Beginning

The other day, I was thinking about what to blog in my personal blog, and since I wanted to blog about fashion, but since sadly, I can’t wear everything I want to, I realized after the second hair accessories shop in a month, that I have really a passion for hair accessories, besides nail polishes. I basicaly realized that I’ve turned my general fashion frustration into a real passion for hair accessories. There’s always a bow or a headband in my head, and when not, it  ...

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